imageUnirsal at a glance

The Unirsal Story

In today's fast-paced market, businesses face constant challenges in attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and streamlining their customer journey.

Leveraging the popularity of social media platforms and WhatsApp and capitalizing on high engagement rates, unirsal deploys its suite of products in a tailored manner that enables partners in success to unleash full potential, while combining efficacy with efficiency, in the realm of customer experience

  1. 2022December 20th

    The genesis

    As a technical arm of what is now a key e-commerce player, the story of unirsal began when the team was presented with the challenge of effectively dealing with overwhelming numbers of daily inquiries, purchase requests, and feedback submissions from thousands of customers around the clock.

  2. 2023January 14th

    Ideas to reality

    Innovating a fresh approach aimed at enhancing customer experience, the team tinkered and tinkered to prevail against the challenge at hand. Without dropping the ball, the result was next level cutting-edge technology that not only solved the issue at hand but also increased retention rates and automated transactions, resulting in increased sales.

  3. 2023September 25th

    The beginning

    Realizing such challenges are faced across different industries, and while captivated by the outstanding results, the name unirsal came to be. Inspired by irsāl ('to send' in Arabic) and the ability to universalize reach. The solution morphed into an entity of its own.

  4. 2023November 1th

    Global success

    Fast forward to this day, where unirsal jointly explores untapped potential with partners across in logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, HR, FinTech, and government, it has become clear that, despite the varying nature of challenges faced, the goal of every communication is to nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection.